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Denmead Junior School

Denmead Junior School

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A H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. July ahead for DJS

At DJS we are keen for our children to be as 'outstandingly healthy' as they are 'outstandingly happy', so for the month of July we are promoting HEALTHY  (Healthy Eating Active Lifestyles Thoroughly Happy You) lifestyles and we'd love families at home to be involved too.

Each week in school children will be completing some challenges linked to the following:

1st - 9th July: Healthy Eating

At home challenge “The one where I cooked something new” – children to cook or bake for their family using their learning about healthy eating. They could take a photo of their creation and share the reason it is healthy e.g. calories, range of ingredients, or they could select and prepare ingredients to create a composite dish that includes foods from more than one group, identifying the main food groups included in the dish. There are some great recipes at the bottoms of this page!

12th - 16th July Active Lifestyles

At home challenge “The one where we had an outing without the car” – children to actively choose a specific location to walk, run, cycle or scoot either to or around. Take a photo of their outing or share where they went, how they felt after taking part and anything interesting they discovered that they would have missed if they'd taken the car.

19th - 23rd July Thoroughly Happy You

At home challenge ”The one where I took up a new challenge that made me smile” - Children could consider taking up a new challenge – this could be anything from learning a new skill or hobby then create their own mini action plan highlighting how they will know when they have been successful.  They should consider why they want to do it as well as identifying some of the barriers/challenges they may face along the way. 

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