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Denmead Junior School

Denmead Junior School

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Good attendance is essential in order for children to benefit from all the learning opportunities we provide here at DJS. We are required to keep detailed records of children's attendance including any time off school. Absence is recorded as authorised or unauthorised, depending on the reason, and this forms part of your child's school report. We take our safeguarding duties very seriously and if we have not been informed by 9.30am on the morning of a child's absence, we will ring you to ask the whereabouts of your child. This will be done on a daily basis. 

Our school target for attendance is 97%.  Please see the link below for the educational outcomes for different % of attendance.



Head Teachers are unable to authorise leave of absence unless deemed exceptional circumstances. The school is obliged to work with Hampshire County Council if a child has 10 or more unauthorised sessions i.e. 5 days – there are two registration sessions in a day. e.g. holidays taken in term time or if a child is continually late to school. If you intend to take your child out of school during term time, please fill in a form at the office or download the form below and return to the school office at least 48 hours before the start of the planned absence.



A decision will then be made by the Head Teacher on an individual basis, taking into account the circumstances and the child’s current and past attendance. If term-time leave is taken without prior permission from the school or if the request for absence is not deemed exceptional and therefore not authorised and the number of sessions absent hits the threshold stated in Hampshire County Council’s code of conduct, a fixed-penalty fine will be issued.


Absence and Illness:

School is not the appropriate place for a child who is ill. If your child requires medication to regulate a long term condition, please make us aware of your child’s needs. Please notify the school office by 9.30am daily of absences otherwise we will call you to ask the whereabouts of the child. 

We can administer medicine if it is prescribed by a doctor, brought in and collected by you, once you have completed a school treatment form. Children should be kept at home until they are well enough to return and for at least 24 hours after tummy upsets.

The office can administer basic first aid e.g. plasters, cold compress if required. In the event of a bump to the head, we will give the child a sticker to inform the class teacher to enable them to be monitored after the event. If the bump is prominent or your child become unwell we will contact you immediately. 

Please use this medical form if you need your child to receive medicine during the school day. 




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