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Denmead Junior School

Denmead Junior School

Building Success, Inspiring Curiosity

Community Links and Partnerships

Community Links

As part of our drive to become an ‘outward facing’ school, we are actively involved in a number of local initiatives and working with others to make Denmead 'Dementia Friendly'. Other links both local and further afield include:

  • Partnership work with Denmead Infant School
  • The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) – The School Partnership Programme
  • EEF – Achievement for All Programme
  • The Art of Brilliance – DJS’s bid to be ‘a Brilliantly Happy School’ (along with 7 other local schools)
  • Solent Teaching Alliance  - our local Teaching School
  • University of Winchester – student teachers
  • University of Chichester – student teachers
  • University of Portsmouth – action research into Growth Mindsets
  • University of Winchester – QMLSL (Quality Mark of Leadership – training for Senior Leaders; facilitated by DJS’s Head Teacher)
  • Local Leader of Education – DJS’s Head Teacher is deployed via the Solent Teaching Alliance
  • The Cowplain Cluster of local schools
  • Denmead Business Forum member
  • All Saints Church in Denmead

In addition annually we host events for the community which include:

  • Summer Fair – with Denmead Infant School
  • The Pantaloons Outdoor Theatre experience – every midsummer’s night
  • The Denmead Glow Ride (to promote bike safety)


Schools Partnership Programme 2018-2020

Together we are taking part in a nationwide research trial of over 500 schools funded through the EEF (Education Endowment Foundation) to see if a partnership based approach to school improvement , organised through the Schools Partnership Programme,  builds the capacity and capability across schools for self-sustaining school improvement.

For further information please follow the link

We have joined forces with the following local schools to form a partnership:

  • Padnell Junior School
  • Purbrook Park Junior School
  • Clanfield Junior School
  • St Albans Primary
  • Denmead Junior School

This partnership was formed in March 2018 and over the course of the next two years schools will:

  • review in depth an area of each other’s school and practice (twice);
  • undertake bespoke training, following each review (delivered by the ‘Improvement Champions’ within the partnership)
  • Undertake Impact and Support Workshop training organised by SPP
  • meet regularly to review this ongoing process
  • Undergo an evaluation process with a third party (deployed by EEF to measure the outcomes of the programme)

In March 2018 we formulated the following shared goals under the SPP headings for the first year of the programme:

Collaborative school improvement

Culture of Shared responsibility

Open and Transparent systems and processes

Pupil outcomes

A vested interest in each other’s results

Trust in the partnership

Strengths and skills database/spreadsheet

Individual schools have set their own pupil outcomes around the following areas:

Less need to ‘gap’ fill in upper schools

Progress of disadvantaged children

Increased aspirations for all children

Improved behaviours for learning

Peer Review set up and beginning to make a difference

Growth mindsets shared

Individual school improvement priorities shared and an awareness of these

Increase in trust between the schools

Being honest with each other

Time set aside for the partnership to join together as well as whole school staff

Something for all teachers to engage in with the cluster

Take responsibility

To look at a possible shared model for performance management


Understand that this is different from an Ofsted or Hampshire LLRP review for example


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