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Denmead Junior School

Denmead Junior School

Building Success, Inspiring Curiosity

Ethos, Aims & Values

In September 2014 we held our first vision evening for the school staff, parents and governors to consider the following question – what will the future world look like for our children when they are adults and what therefore do they need from their education to enable them to have successful futures?  From this grew the following:

Our vision

DJS is committed to continuously improving the quality of education so children:

  • Have the necessary skills and competencies in reading, writing and maths to flourish at secondary school and in the wider community
  • Are socially skilled and good communicators in all forms
  • Have understanding, empathy and care for others
  • Are healthy, confident, resilient and happy
  • Will look back on their learning at DJS with affection, pride and a recognition of the solid foundations for life-long learning and citizenship that were laid here.


"Teaching is good. Teachers plan closely together and engage and assess their pupils well." 

"Assessments show that, across the school, pupils consistently make good progress in English and mathematics. Pupils’ work seen in lessons and their books also shows this good progress."

Our aims

We will aim to to this by:

  1. Having aspirational expectations in all areas of school life
  2. Delivering outstanding teaching every day to ensure that all pupils make accelerated progress
  3. Teaching growth mind-sets for learning, learning skills and values education
  4. Delivering a relevant, inspiring and demanding curriculum which embeds core skills, develops personal, social and health understanding and allows for individual talents to grow

At Denmead Junior School we strive to create a growth mind-set for learning and life for all our children by using growth mind-set language in our interactions with children.  In addition we promote the Learning Powers of Resilience, Reflectiveness (to self-improve) Co-operation, Concentration and Curiosity, which children need to recognise, understand and apply in their everyday learning.


Our values

In everything that we strive to do and the way that we do it, we promote, model and teach the children the values of:

Friendship and Understanding with PRIDE (Positivity, Respect, Inspiration, Determination and Excellence). 

In addition, our House Captains will choose a value to represent their House each year. For 2019/20 these are Courage, Responsibility, Care and Honesty.


Key Objectives 2019-2020

Every child ‘…a happy and enthusiastic child who loves learning’…

  1. Increasing staff autonomy (teacher agency) whilst maintaining consistency (with new staff)
  2. Appreciating and embedding understanding of diversity in the children in a context where there is very little diversity
  3. Nurturing staff wellbeing to retain staff in the profession
  4. Premises: Continue to develop out extensive grounds to promote outdoor learning/2022 entrance building project
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