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Denmead Junior School

Denmead Junior School

Building Success, Inspiring Curiosity

School Rules

We expect good manners and behaviour from Denmead Junior School pupils and our recognition system is centred around our learning skills and values. We have three rules in school:

  • Always show respect to each other, school property and yourself
  • Always follow adult instructions (in order for you and others to be safe and learn)
  • Always be the best that you can be!

If children are seen not to be following the agreed rules they will be issued with a warning, ensuring that they are clear on the rule that they are not following and reminded of our expectations of what they should be doing. 

Ofsted says:

“Pupils’ behaviour is consistently good. They listen attentively and work well in lessons. They are friendly and polite. “


Children create their own class charter with the teacher at the start of the year so behaviour expectations are clear and agreed. 

We operate a traffic light system for behaviour and every day brings a fresh start. All children begin on the ‘green’ and aspire to move to one of the stars which recognises their efforts in line with our school learning behaviours of: resilience, reflectiveness, reciprocity, resourcefulness and our values of Friendship, Understanding with PRIDE = Positivity, Respect, Inspiration, Determination and Excellence. A verbal warning is given for any behaviour that is not in line with the agreed classroom charter in the first instance. 

If behaviour continues, the child’s name is moved to orange. Consequence: child misses 5 minutes of the next break time. If behaviour continues, the child’s name is moved to red. Consequence: child misses all of break time or 15 minutes of lunchtime.



For any breaches of the playtime and lunchtime charter (put together by the School Council) children will be asked to sit out or cool down for 5-15 minutes depending on the nature of the incident. This will happen either outside on one of the playground benches, or inside the school.

We operate a system called 'Restorative Justice' to address any disagreements or fallings out between children. See link below for more details. 



We also operate a zero-tolerance approach to any hard physical contact or abusive language. If a child is seen or heard by an adult breaching these rules then they miss all of their lunchtime break.

For further details please refer to our POSITIVE BEHAVIOR and ANTI-BULLYING policies.

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